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Online Backup Reviews For Home and Business

Online Backup Services vary greatly in the features they offer and the price they charge. Here at Online Backup Spot our goal is to provide you with everything you need to decide which online backup service is the best fit for your home or business data.

Never Worry Again About Losing Photos, Music or Valuable Data!

Everyone you know has either lost data themselves or knows someone who has been crushed when they lost those baby photos, wedding pictures, music library, tax returns or business data.

Why Online Backup?

You know you need to backup, find out what TWO THREATS to your data are protected by the right Online Backup Service

Answers for "Why Online Backup?"

Compare Top Backup Software

Features vary widely. Backup, Store, Sync - some do it all, others don't. Find the best deal for your needs and budget.

Compare Online Backup Services

Business Online Backup

Business Online Backup is so different than home online backup that we dedicate a special section to server backup and SMB issues.

Business Online Backup