Business Online Backup

Business Online Backup has a higher bar to measure up to when deciding who to trust with your data and business continuity.

Backing up some music and photos from a desktop or laptop computer is a whole different ballgame than running scheduled backups on a production server with potentially open and locked files, SQL and MS Exchange databases, and where a failure of the service to run as expected or causing the host computer to hang is simply not an option.

Because of the unique needs of a business, SMB or even a large enterprise, we have compiled a list of detailed SMB online backup specifications. These specifications are what we use as guidelines to evaluate and compare online backup services for business and actually determine what vendors offering qualify for server online backup.

Knowing that once size never fits all, we try to be able to recommend several competing online backup services for business implementation of business continuity plans.

That said, if you want to just jump in with the business online backup that we use with our own local clients most of the time, then check out Mozy Pro right now.

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