Online Backup

Have You Thought About Your Data In The Long Term?

Will Your Digital Memories Just Fade Away? One of the things I was cognizant of when working as a Small Business IT Consultant was the limitations of computer backup. This was mostly before the era of cloud storage (previously referred to as online backup). My clients had archived backups. We could go back in time […]

Best Online Hard Drive Backup

Best Or Cheapest Computer Backup When it comes to online hard drive backup, the best program is the one that you used most recently when your hard drive fails! (Moral to the story: get started TODAY with a free trial if you have no backup at all currently.) We personally do not like to refer […]

The Most Important Feature Of Online Backup / Cloud Storage

Geographic Diversification Of Your Backup Data I was watching an episode of Season 8 of 24 a few days ago (yes, I was late to the Jack Bauer thing, but at least I can watch the episodes whenever I want) and had to smile when our buddy from the movie “Mad Money” showed up and […]

3 Essential Features Of Your Online Backup Strategy

Inspired By SOS Online Backup White Paper   Online Backup Essential Feature #1 Online backup, aka cloud storage means different things to different people. (And, oh by the way, those terms are actually different even though they are often used interchangeably – learn more about that here) To some, online backup software is an automated […]

Now Is The Time To Backup Those Christmas Pics

Save Your Holiday Photos To An Online Backup Service If you have children then Christmas was probably a pretty active time around your house. And if your family is like ours, that means every laugh, smile and gift opening needs to be captured by the camera(s). Well, the Holidays are over, the wrapping and boxes […]

Which Online Backup Services Support External Hard Drives?

Are you one of those people with massive quantities of photos, videos, and music on your external hard drive because it doesn’t all fit on your laptop, desktop or maybe that super fast SSD that you have? Since you are here I am sure you understand how important it is to backup that external hard […]

Don’t Let This Happen To You: Hard Drive Dies With No Backup

This is a computer users worst nightmare, they go to turn on their PC and nothing happens. Fine, it’s probably just the power supply, right? Not in this case. For this unlucky woman who works for a friend of mine, the hard drive totally fried – and took out the power supply with it. In […]

Which Online Backup Services Offer Unlimited Online Storage?

If you have lots of data and are looking for an online backup service that offers unlimited online storage then here are some options for you to consider. Monitoring backup quota usage or getting dinged for online backup overage is a hassle, frustration and can be expensive. There are not that many vendors offering an […]

Backup Software Reviews

Let’s Review Backup Software Options Traditionally, backup software reviews would revolve around programs that would copy data from your computer’s hard drive and place it on floppy disk, zip disks, tapes, etc and actually “span” multiple copies of that media when it would not all fit on one disk or tape. Well, we’ve come a […]

The Flaw In Dvorak’s Easy Offsite Backup On A Budget

John Dvorak’s article How To Get Easy Offsite Backup On A Budget has a lot of merit, and it is truly better than what most people have for computer backup (nothing!) but there is a serious flaw in his plan. (Personal Note: I have great respect for Mr. Dvorak in general and read his articles […]