Computer Backup

Cloud Storage Black Friday Cyber Monday Coupons 2013

Biggest Cloud Storage Coupon Codes Of The Year! We have updated our Online Backup Coupon Codes page with the latest deals from Mozy, SugarSync and Zoolz for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013. With SugarSync there is an amazing 50% off deal. Mozy and Zoolz have coupons now and then but Mozy is usually no […]

LaCie External Hard Drive Fails, Data Lost

All External Hard Drives Will Fail Eventually, Some Sooner I was just reading on a forum this morning about a member who had some files on a LaCie external hard drive that did not fit on his computer. He was not too thrilled with LaCie at the moment because the drive has failed and since […]

All My Photos Lost Because Of No Computer Backup

Don’t Wait Until Your Hard Drive Crashes To Backup I was perusing a travel forum the other day and saw a post by a woman with a Mac wondering what was the best external hard drive to buy for computer backup. It seems that she found out that even a Mac is vulnerable to failure […]

What Do You Worry About Finding When You Come Home From Vacation?

I just read this post this morning from a financial genius who returned home to his New Jersey home from a warm beach style vacation to find his house cold and his computer wiped out. I won’t speculate on what may have happened to his computer that caused complete data loss, but I will be […]

Why Automatic Backup Is Important

Some people I preach automatic online backup to insist that they take care of their computer backup manually all by themselves, because, they insist, they have the skills to do so. The skills are not what I am questioning, it’s the regularity of utilizing those skills. You see, a few weeks ago I had an […]