Google Drive

Google Drive Is A Tool But Not Online Backup

Google Drive Is Just Another Sync Folder Google Drive is new and we will give it a chance and cut it some slack in our upcoming complete Google Drive Review. What you need to know for now is that Google Drive is really nothing more than a special sync folder much like the “give-me” feature […]

Are Google Drive Terms Of Service Too Scary For You?

I Presume My Data Is Not Encrypted? It was another twitter post sent to me that let me know I really needed to address the issue of Google terms of service with regard to Google Drive. In short, kinda scary. This is not new territory for us, we took the unusual if not unprecedented step […]

Will Google Drive Crush All Online Backup Services?

Can Other Online Backup Vendors Compete Against Google? I just saw a Facebook post yesterday by a friend mentioning that Google has commoditized the online backup industry with the launch of Google Drive. Google Drive is currently very new, so new that if you try to sign up they will tell you whether or not […]