Carbonite Online Backup Review

carbonite-online-backup-250x200.gifCarbonite Online Backup is one of the oldest and most trusted online storage solutions available, opening its virtual doors in 2006.

Carbonite is a quick, easy and painless way to backup your computer to state-of-the-art data centers with solid encryption protecting your data from end to end.

Whenever you create new files or modify old ones, Carbonite sends encrypted copies of those files to their secure servers for your piece of mind. Should you lose a file or your entire drive, the software walks you through the process of restoring to your existing or new hardware.

Remote Access To Your Online Data With Mobile Apps

Carbonite is one of the online backup services that allows you to access your data online from virtually any computer anywhere, but also via a smartphone with apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Carbonite Supports Windows and Mac

While some online backup services support every client operating system under the sun, Carbonite supports Windows and Mac OS X.

Unlimited Backup Space

One of the main benefits of Carbonite backup is that they still offer unlimited data backup (BUT NOT unlimited data storage, see MyPCBackup for that) for one basic, competitive, set price.

Carbonite Online Backup Review: Pros and Cons

With any service there are always strengths and weaknesses and certainly that is the case with online storage solutions. First lets start off with reasons you might want to look at Carbonite as your online backup service:

  • Long established, trusted company (Update, maybe NOT so trusted)
  • Reasonable price, UNLIMITED backup (not storage; files deleted 30 days after removed from your computer)
  • Clearly marks backup files
  • Toll free telephone support
  • Easy setup
  • Remote access from any PC
  • Access data from smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry)

That said, Carbonite does not have it all, so let’s list some of the ‘Cons’ involved in reviewing this service:

  • Restoring files interface could use some work
  • Account is for one computer only
  • Not for synchronization of computers
  • Does not support network drives or shares

Carbonite Offers 3 Different Online Backup Home Plans

– Home

With the Home plan, you’ll enjoy all the essentials of unlimited online backup. Using this plan, your irreplaceable files on your computer—like photos, documents and music—will be backed up automatically, and accessible at anytime, from any computer or smartphone.

– HomePlus

The HomePlusplan gives you all the benefits of our Home plan, PLUS additional features that make your backup more complete. With HomePlus, you can include your external hard drive in your online backup, so you can rest easy knowing that all of your important files are backed up safely, offsite. In addition, you’ll also get Mirror Image backup, which creates a local backup of your entire hard drive—including your operating system and software programs.

– HomePremier

HomePremier is the most comprehensive backup solution we offer, In addition to all the features of Home and HomePlus, you’ll also get automatic backup of your video files (instead of having to add them to your backup manually). In addition, you’ll have the option to use Courier Recovery—a Carbonite service reserved exclusively for HomePremier customers. Courier recovery allows you to have a copy of your entire backup shipped directly to you.

Bottom Line

In review, Carbonite tries to make individual computer online backup simple, safe, secure and affordable. To that extent they seem to accomplish the goal pretty much as well as the next company.

If unlimited backup of just one computer in a simple to use, automated backup system is what you are looking for then perhaps you need look no further. Start Backing Up With Carbonite Now.