How Much Does MyPCBackup Cost?

How About A Big Discount Off Of MyPCBackup? Since it’s not that easy to really see how much does MyPCBackup cost I thought maybe if we posted some screen shots and linked back to our super secret and huge MyPCBackup discount page it might be helpful to many of you. For most of the time […]

Cheapest Cloud Storage Option We Recommend

MyPCBackup Can Be The Cheapest…If You Know The Secret There are so many companies entering the market that coming up with the cheapest cloud storage option can be a moving target. And as we have written so many times before, sometimes cheap is as cheap does (to paraphrase Forrest Gump). Actually, we prefer to use […]

MyPCBackup Releases New Mobile Apps – This Is HUGE!

Stream And Edit Your Cloud Files With MyPCBackup Mobile Apps MyPCBackup sent out an email the other day like it was no big deal, but these new mobile apps are huge and catapult MyPCBackup into the next level of service provider. In short, you can now actually DO SOMETHING with your cloud data; like stream […]

MyPCBackup Complaints

Should You Steer Clear Or Subscribe? The subject of MyPCBackup Complaints comes up fairly frequently because old stories on the internet never die, they just get embellished. When MyPCBackup first came on the scene a couple of years ago they did, like most other young companies, encounter some growing pains. But remember, even Google has […]

How Do You Feel When The Price Goes Down After You Buy?

MyPCBackup Price Keeps Dropping If You Don’t Buy Our post explaining our disappointment with the MyPCBackup free trial was not the end of the story, as we suspected. You see, if you don’t convert to a paid version of the product, or uninstall the software without buying, you will continue to get emails from “your […]

MyPCBackup Free Trial Still A Disappointment

15MB Limit (Yes, MEGAbyte) For All Of 2 Weeks Since it’s been a while we thought we would re-confirm that the MyPCBackup Free Trial is as disappointing as the last time we tested it. UPDATE 4/11/2013: Read This Post About How They Responded To Our Request! It is. Recently we wrote that we noticed NO […]

Why Aren’t People Buying MyPCBackup?

Former Favorite Unlimited Online Backup Service MyPCBackup really had a good run in early 2012 as a favorite unlimited online backup service. Then, mysteriously, people stopped buying (or subscribing) to the service. Like any good website, we try to keep tabs on what our readers like and don’t like. There are many inputs we use, […]

How To Get Your Files Back After Lightning Wipes Out Your Computer

Will MyPCBackup Backup All Of My Computer In 3 or 4 Clicks? I just received this email from a guy who normally offers website services. It tells the tale of how lightning killed his computer and destroyed all of his data, yet thanks to MyPCBackup, everything was restored. Frankly, I am doubtful the story is […]