How Do You Feel When The Price Goes Down After You Buy?

MyPCBackup Price Keeps Dropping If You Don’t Buy

Our post explaining our disappointment with the MyPCBackup free trial was not the end of the story, as we suspected.

You see, if you don’t convert to a paid version of the product, or uninstall the software without buying, you will continue to get emails from “your representative” at MyPCBackup expressing concern over your files not being backed up.

Almost immediately you will be offered 20% off, then 30% if you cancel out of the landing page on their website.

But wait! There’s more!

You will get even better MyPCBackup coupon code links if you hold off.

Soon you will get a concerned email from your rep that will offer you 50% off subscribing.

Then, if you KEEP WAITING, you will get a 70% off coupon link for MyPCBackup. Oh, and the email will state that the discount is for TODAY ONLY. I wouldn’t believe that, but let us know if you find out otherwise.

If you are a MyPCBackup customer who paid more, how does this make you feel? Sure, there are always sales, or gas goes down the day after you fill up, but this can be a significant price difference.

Now Here’s A Warning

Unless they have changed things, that 70% off will only be on ONE MONTH’s service if you pay by the month! If you want 70% off the entire year then you have to pay for the entire year when you subscribe.

I think you would probably be much happier with IDrive or Mozy Home, but if you insist, here is the link to MyPCBackup

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this post, how would you feel if you bought at full price and found out a friend paid 70% less by procrastinating?

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