Zip Cloud Online Backup Review

Zip Cloud Fast Facts:

  • Windows, Mac
  • Simple and Easy
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage Space
  • Unlimited Computers (Licensed individually)
  • Sync Files Between Licensed Computers
  • Anywhere Access
  • Toll Free 24/7 Support, recently upgraded
  • 14 Day Free Trial

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Getting Started, Are You Looking For Something Simple?

One of the joys of Zip Cloud is its sheer simplicity, one click program and fast installation, means that within seconds you can be safely backing up your files and folders while knowing that everything is safely stored in the cloud.

This online backup service is designed for those computer users who know they need their data protected (and accessible) with a cloud storage solution but don’t want it to take a lot of time or learning to use.

Important New Information! * * *

While we hope to completely update this Zip Cloud Review page soon, we have become increasingly concerned with Zip Cloud and its sister services JustCloud and MyPCBackup in recent months. Feedback from customers and those trying the service has been degrading and we have therefore downgrade these online backup services in our recommendations.

Simple Yet Secure

Zip Cloud uses 256 bit Encryption (Industry Standard is 128 bit) – SO you can rest easy knowing that all of your data is safely backed up to a state of the art cloud backup server system.

No one is going to have access to your data except you.

Desktop Application

After some recent updates, the Zip cloud desktop application now includes progress bars to help users visually when backing up files. One bar is for individual files and one is for the total amount being uploaded. This helps make Zip Cloud perfect for the beginner to cloud storage.

Within the app are options to allow all files types to be uploaded, as well as setting the file size limit to unlimited, unlike a lot of services on the market, Zip Cloud is fast and efficient, meaning large files take minutes and not hours to secure.

Zip Cloud also incorporates sleek design with practicality, offering the best of both worlds is what this brand is best known for.

Sync Features

Unlike a lot of Backup rich products on the market Zip Cloud also offers substantial sync features, allowing files to be transferred securely between multiple devices at no extra cost.

Using a simple Drag and drop method, it really is child’s play to move a film, picture or music from your pc to say an internet TV or mobile device, or another laptop or computer.

Using the same encryption security, Zip Cloud also offers private folder sharing, allowing users to securely pass files to friends across multiple platforms at no further cost to the user.

Other Benefits

After using the system for a while now, it seems that Zip Cloud is a lot more feature rich than at first glance, compared to some of the more established cloud backup options on the market.

As well as offering Private File sharing, drag and drop technology and sync options, Zip Cloud also offers file versioning and mobile access. In the rare case that anyone does not approve of the service after trying it, an anytime money back guarantee is promised.

When you compare that to the main players in the market, it is clear to see why Zip Cloud ranks so highly.

With a MAC version, public folder sharing and a locate computer option on the way shortly, Zip Cloud continues to blow other backup options out of the water.


With Zip Cloud restoring files can be achieved either through the app, through a 2 step process, or by selecting the files to restore directly from the online account.

Allowing this flexibility, Zip Cloud ensures that no matter where you are, or where you want to download your files to, you are able to do so effortlessly.

Mobile Access

Zip Cloud currently has a fully accessible mobile site, which can be found via all types of mobile device, and shortly App’s will be made available for Android and iPhone to make accessing your data on those devices that much easier.

The Mobile site is easy to use and easy to follow, even for the somewhat computer illiterate user.


Zip Cloud offers award winning 24/7 support. It is easy to contact and communicate with them and easy to understand, stepping away from technical jargon, although it’s hard enough to not follow the simple steps to get started, we found support easy to follow and understand.

Zip Cloud also offers online tutorials and FAQ’s for users to find the most common answers, to the most common questions.

Find out how easy it is to get started and get protected with Zip Cloud right now!