What Is LiveDrive KNOWHOW Cloud?

Unlimited Cloud Storage For One Low Price We get a lot of queries about LiveDrive KNOWHOW Cloud and wonder how it differs from LiveDrive cloud backup service, if they have to be in the U.K. to benefit and if we recommend it for online computer backup. The good news is that, while KNOWHOW seems to […]

Livedrive Releases Windows 8 Modern App

Livedrive Online Backup Ahead Of The Competition Livedrive is staying ahead of other online backup companies by releasing a Windows 8 modern app for their awesome cloud backup service. Just today Livedrive has released a free Windows 8 Modern App which lets their customers access files stored in the cloud from their Windows 8 devices. […]

Livedrive Encryption And FTP Downloads

Livedrive Online Backup Is Fully Encrypted I have seen on many forums the question of whether Livedrive encryption is just a myth since files can be downloaded using and un-secure version of FTP (file transfer protocol). Since we prefer to deal in facts rather than speculation, we thought it best to pose the question straight […]

Livedrive Updates And Cloud Storage Tips

I checked in over at the Livedrive blog this morning and found a number of worthwhile entries that I thought deemed passing along. The first is with regard to a new improvement at Livedrive for those of you with Chromebooks. It’s a new app that will make it real easy to upload photos (like the […]