What Is LiveDrive KNOWHOW Cloud?

Unlimited Cloud Storage For One Low Price


LiveDrive KnowHow Cloud Is Really Just...LiveDrive

We get a lot of queries about LiveDrive KNOWHOW Cloud and wonder how it differs from LiveDrive cloud backup service, if they have to be in the U.K. to benefit and if we recommend it for online computer backup.

The good news is that, while KNOWHOW seems to be a top rated tech solution provider in the U.K., the cloud backup is really just the same LiveDrive cloud backup you can get anywhere and try out for 14 days – free, no credit card – by clicking here.

It seems that these tech support folks in the U.K. were just looking for one of the best online backup vendors to partner up with so they would have a good backup solution to recommend to their customers and chose LiveDrive.

LiveDrive is based in the U.K. though that’s no reason for U.S. based customers (or other parts of the world either, even Japan) to not take advantage of their unlimited online backup, with no file size limits or bandwidth throttles for an easy, low price.

While we really don’t have any connection with the KnowHow people to know whether or not they specifically recommend the basic LiveDrive unlimited backup package, the Briefcase (computer syncing) package or the Pro Suite (which combines both, for up to 5 users) all that really matters is that you get YOUR data backed up. The fact that LiveDrive KnowHow Cloud is a well promoted solution by reputable people should just give you some real confidence in the company that you will be trusting your data to when you sign up with LiveDrive.

Bottom Line On LiveDrive KnowHow Cloud

In the end, the bottom line is that you want your data stored in the cloud with someone you can trust, a company that has FAST access to their servers from your PC, and people to support you should you encounter a problem or have a question. The fact that they offer one of the least expensive unlimited cloud accounts is just a bonus.

And no, you don’t have to be subject of the Queen, or be a customer of some certain company.

You can start your own evaluation of LiveDrive for 14 days, for free, by just heading over to the LiveDrive website now.

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