Zoolz Supports Backup Of NAS Drives

Another Contender Supports NAS Drives, Network, External

zoolz supports nas drives

Zoolz for NAS Drive Backup & Cloud Storage

I’m not sure why so many online backup vendors do not support NAS drives, network connections of any kind and many even will not backup an external drive. Zoolz does all three.

We have been working with Zoolz for a little while now and really do like what we see, though it’s not a “discount” offering – but sometimes you get what you pay for.

With Zoolz it is quite easy to backup your NAS or network drive and it is NOT necessary to map a drive letter first. You do, though gain some explorer extensions to add to backup and remove from backup when a drive letter is mapped instead of relying on UNC (Universal Naming Convention: \\{server_name}\{share_name})

The ‘green dot’ indicating that a file is backed up does work either way, but only if you are viewing the file using the same method it was backed up (UNC or mapped drive letter).

Cold Storage Can Be Perfect For NAS Drive Backup

Zoolz has introduced the concept of “cold storage” whereby you can get lots of storage inexpensively but access is delayed for a few hours when you need to restore.

This can be perfect for NAS drive cloud storage since you may well be backing up, say, an entire music or video collection that – hopefully – you never will need to restore anyway. And if you do, a few hours won’t make any difference as you may likely be restoring A LOT of data anyway if you are recovering from catastrophe.

We are still working on our full Zoolz review but I can easily say at this point that unless customer service proves to be a disappointment it will likely end up high on the recommended list for those who can afford the higher cost. Quality is not usually cheap.

Zoolz has a cloud storage plan to meet your needs whether for home or business (click the appropriate one for more info).

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