Microsoft Exchange Server Online Backup Including Brick Level Restore

exchange-server-online-backup-brick-level-restoreNot many online backup services offer Microsoft Exchange server online backup, let alone give you brick level restore capability, but IBackup is one that does.

Brick level restore is the ability to actually restore down to the message level.

Mozy Pro does a fair Exchange Server online backup, but if you restore, it must be the entire mailbox for an individual user. Currently is uses VSS to make the backup of the files in use.

Online backup of your Exchange database is significant for anyone who has ever had to recover an exchange database and had the dreaded information store cannot be started/opened after going through the recovery procedure.

Sometimes it is fixable and other times, well, you’re just plain out of luck!

An offline Exchange backup can be scheduled with some batch files, and the individual files backed up, or you can even use ExMerge to export to PST files (with lots of disk space available) and then backup those files to an online backup service.

That is not only bothersome to create, schedule, maintain and periodically check up on, but it is still a hassle to retrieve a message or even, really, a user mailbox.

The Public Folders? That is even another story since Microsoft makes no provision for an automated backup or export.

Why not choose a business class online backup service that is featured with the ability to do SQL Server online backup and Exchange Server online backup so that your IT staff can worry about other things?

Check out the extensive feature set of IBackup now

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