IDrive Redesigned Plus 20% Off Coupon Code

IDrive Online Backup Better Than Ever


IDrive Better Than Ever

IDrive online backup service has been a favorite of ours for a long time and only recently came up with a problem that prevented us from recommending it in certain circumstances. Well, probably because of us (just kidding) they have redesigned their software, added some real cool functionality like a combined account and greatly improved their mobile Apps!

To top it off, how about a 20% off coupon code for IDrive?

With IDrive you can backup unlimited devices to a single account and choose how much storage you want to pay for, at VERY reasonable prices – starting out at 5GB for FREE. Forever.

IDrive maintains 30 previous versions of your files and never deletes anything; you can delete old files for sync your account to your computer with an “archive cleanup” but THEY will never delete your data.

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