What Do You Worry About Finding When You Come Home From Vacation?


Vacation Is More Fun When You Have No Worries About Your Computer Data Back Home

I just read this post this morning from a financial genius who returned home to his New Jersey home from a warm beach style vacation to find his house cold and his computer wiped out.

I won’t speculate on what may have happened to his computer that caused complete data loss, but I will be happy to let you in on a secret that would have left this gem of a man in a much better mood after he learned the state of his hard drive – a quality online backup service!

A vacation just isn’t a vacation if all you do is worry about what’s going on back home while you are gone.

Lots of things can happen, but thankfully, usually don’t. That does not mean that you should not try to prevent the preventable ones, though.

Do you fear finding any of these undesirable events when you get home from a vacation?

  • Frozen pipes
  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Storm damage (like these recent, awful, tornadoes)
  • Water damage
  • Computer dead and lost data

While I could give you some advice on the first few, the one I will address here is the dead computer and data loss. While computer backup is the antidote to lost data, via a restore process, it is critical that the backup be not only recent but also complete.

Most online backup services will allow you to backup whatever you want to on your computer and it’s up to you to verify that what is important to you is backed up. We can help with that if you like, just let us know.

What we can also help with, indirectly, is that the computer backup is recent.

In our not so humble opinion formed by decades of working with computer users we have determined that the only backup that is sure to happen on a regular basis is one that is automatic.

How To Stop Worrying So You Can Enjoy Vacation

We don’t expect everyone to go to the extremes we do for computer backup before we leave on a vacation, because maybe we over do it just a bit.

This is what I do before leaving on vacation to protect my data:

  • Verify that my online backup software is working properly (by checking logs)
  • Perform a test restore of a file that was backed up to the cloud on a different computer
  • Put critical data on the laptop that I travel with
  • Perform a complete backup of my PC to a hard drive that gets put in the bank safe deposit box

What can you learn from this?

The takeaway here is that there are many quality online backup services to choose from, use the reviews on our website to determine which one is right for you.

If you want to sync data between lots of devices, especially if different operating systems (like Mac & PC) then maybe you should look into SugarSync.

If you have LOTS of data and don’t want to get hit with high online data storage usage fees then maybe an unlimited online backup service like MyPCBackup is right for you.

Both of these services are affordable, reliable and easy to use. Protecting your computer data and having those backups off site has never been easier.

Put your fears to rest, try SugarSync or MyPCBackup for free right now

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