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Saving digital memories is a priority for me, especially when it comes to pictures and videos of our children.

We always heard older couples tell us “enjoy them while you can, they grow up so fast”. Boy, they weren’t kidding.

As a parent you don’t realize it until it’s too late. When the kids are young, parenting and earning a living are a lot of work; much of the time you are exhausted.

So you find yourself occasionally sighing when that little grabs a book of the shelf and says “read this to me please?”.

You know the day will come too soon when they prefer to read it themselves or are too big to sit on your lap, but some nights you are just that tired.

As you get older you applaud those times when you took the extra effort to grab the camera and try to capture that latest cute antic.

Digital Photography Changes Everything

I’m old enough to remember when film and developing was expensive. You would take a picture (perhaps with a costly flash bulb) then wait days or weeks to find out if it “came out”.

Then, you would hear stories of a house fire on the news and one thing they always mentioned was how the family lost everything, including family photos.

Thanks to digital photography:

  • The cost of taking a photo, or re-taking it, is zero (storing it has a miniscule cost)
  • Duplicates are free
  • If the photo didn’t “come out”, there is software that might fix it
  • If you have your phone with you, you probably have a camera (and maybe software to fix the pic, too!)
  • No wait time for “developing”, or cost either
  • There is really no reason to ever have to worry about losing your digital memories in fire, flood or other disaster

Storing Your Digital Memories

Most people take their photos off of their camera and store them on their personal computer, often times not even really understanding where the photos are located on the hard drive, just trusting that they are there.

When those digital pictures, and especially videos, get too large for their computer’s hard drive, often a small laptop drive, they transfer them to an inexpensive – prone to failure – external hard drive where storage is exceptionally cheap.

But what then?

Here Is How To Backup Your Digital Memories Online

While some people will backup family digital photos and videos to an external hard drive and store that drive at a family members home or a bank safe deposit box, that is a practice that often succumbs to procrastination and eventually forgotten about.

At best, a backup like that is usually months old, perhaps missing those wedding, vacation or baby pictures that you took recently.

Backing up important digital memories to an online backup service makes a lot more sense because:

  • The backup happens automatically, daily, perhaps even on an continuous basis, without you having to remember to do it.
  • Sharing those photos with many online backup services is easier than emailing.
  • The pics and videos are available for immediate downloading from any computer, anywhere.
  • Smartphone and tablet access is simple and easy.
  • Your digital memories are stored securely and protected from most natural disasters; at a location far away from most any calamity that would happen at your home.
  • It’s a lot easier and more affordable than manually backing up to a disk and driving to the bank with it.

One of the online backup services that we trust our data to is SOS Online Backup. They are one of the top tier vendors who have been in this business for a long time and have built a solid business garnering a superb reputation; and will be around for a long time to come.

To learn more about how SOS Online Backup works, watch this video:

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