Why Automatic Backup Is Important

Some people I preach automatic online backup to insist that they take care of their computer backup manually all by themselves, because, they insist, they have the skills to do so.

The skills are not what I am questioning, it’s the regularity of utilizing those skills.

You see, a few weeks ago I had an appointment for another tech to work with me at a client of mine and when he arrived he apologized that he was not as prepared as he should be because the hard drive on his new laptop crashed and he not only lost some data but a lot of time trying to piece it back together.

And, he pointed out, he has a rather sophisticated backup plan – it just hadn’t been implemented in about 2 weeks.

There are several lessons to be learned from this.

  • Computer Backup just does not seem to happen unless it happens AUTOMATICALLY
  • Just because a hard drive (laptop) is new does NOT mean it WON’T CRASH!
  • Backup does not need to be complicated or sophisticated, it just needs to be adequate and performed!

Automatic Online Backup

This is why I am such a proponent of automatic online backup. Once configured properly, and that is one thing we aim to help you with here at Online Backup Spot, the backup runs automatically and in the case of many of the services, backs up a file almost immediately after you create or update it.

I have years of experience helping people with computer backup and restoration of data. Invariably, whenever someone hands me their most recent backup and I ask how old it is they give me an age that is much newer than it really is.

What does this mean? It means it has been longer since they have backed up than they thought.

With my business clients, they have automated backup that they have hired me to install, configure and check weekly to make sure the backup has gone as planned; with the addition of a DAILY email to let me know if all went well or not.

And guess what? Whenever I need to restore a file for a client, the restore process is smooth, successful and usually performed by me remotely.

All because they have AUTOMATIC computer backup.

The computer tech I mentioned above would have had ZERO data loss had he subscribed to a basic online backup account with any of the online backup services we recommend here at Online Backup Spot.

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