Server Online Backup

Which Online Backup Service Supports Network Drives?

When the data you need to backup resides on a Windows server or a NAS that you access with a mapped drive, then you need an online backup service that supports network drives. There are a number of great online backup services out there but not only do they not all backup network drives, some […]

Microsoft Exchange Server Online Backup Including Brick Level Restore

Not many online backup services offer Microsoft Exchange server online backup, let alone give you brick level restore capability, but IBackup is one that does. Brick level restore is the ability to actually restore down to the message level. Mozy Pro does a fair Exchange Server online backup, but if you restore, it must be […]

SQL Server Online Backup

SQL Server Online Backup is a feature that few online backup service providers have even contemplated let alone added as a working feature of their product. Most online backup companies give so very little information about their product, instead opting to cover their website with “we’re great, sign up now”. Here at we dig […]

How To Backup A NAS To Online Backup Service

I see a lot of forum posts asking how to backup a NAS to an online backup service. (A NAS is a network attached storage device.) Essentially, there are two ways of doing this. The first is if the NAS is from a company such as Netgear ReadyNAS and offers their own proprietary, built-in, server […]