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[Important Update for 2014]

Mozy Home and Mozy Pro have always been highly regarded online backup solutions, yet they really have not been as proactive in keeping up with all the changes as we migrate from the term online backup to cloud storage (which really are not the same, but are treated as such anymore).

To wit, they still offer a paltry 2GB free account.

One important change for us at OnlineBackupSpot, though, is that they have notified us of a change in direction of their company and have asked us not to recommend them anymore.

That’s why you are here on this page.

But not to worry!

Perhaps instead you would like to try, for free, our #1 pick in the online backup/cloud storage (call it what you will) realm that offers a free – for life – 5GB account?

IDrive Online Backup offers many of the same important features of Mozy, like personal encryption keys for ultimate security and they support both network drives and external hard drives!

But rather than repeat our entire IDrive review, which you can see here, simply click the link below to checkout IDrive and see for yourself why they are #1 in our book.

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