Cubby Online Backup From LogMeIn

Free 5GB Cloud Storage Account


5GB Free Account From Cubby

Cubby online backup is a new offering from the people at LogMeIn, a reputable firm in the remote PC access space. Currently they are offering 5G free cloud storage accounts that seem to have some pretty decent features already, particularly for iOS (iPhone, etc).

Naturally it’s too soon to have a full review on their service, and if we say anything about them it will probably have more to do wit their good reputation with LogMeIn as opposed to cloud backup.

One of the distinguishing features, though, seems to be the ability to designate a file as “available offline” for collaborating or otherwise working on shared files when you might temporarily have no access to the internet or “cloud”.

Free Account Versus Paid Cubby Subscription

What we do know is that Cubby is not completely free, the company does intend to make a profit from this business!

In fact, it’s not really that cheap either.

The pricing so far indicates that you are charged based on users with 100GB storage each at the rate of $6.99/month, prepaid for the year. So, not cheap.

What you get for that paid subscription is additional support (hopefully something we never need), user encryption keys (wonder what happens if you switch from free account to paid account?), and direct sync.

Apparently what you cannot do is backup a network drive. (Look at IDrive or LiveDrive for cloud backup of network drives, NAS devices)

The good news is that with the free account they will bribe you with additional free cloud storage, up to 25GB, for referring your friends, relatives, enemies, whoever.

Note: Once you create a Cubby account, that login will work across the entire LogMeIn platform including LogMeIn and Join.Me.

Watch this space for our full Cubby online backup review.

Get your free 5GB cloud storage account with Cubby

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