IDrive Online Backup Has Impressive Speed

idrive-online-backup-speedIDrive Online Backup is a really nice solution for both individual computers and for small business online backup, such as with a Microsoft Small Business Server that you want to backup (including Exchange, SQL Server and Sharepoint).

I installed IDrive with a free 5GB account on one computer that had about 1.5 GB of data to store online.

What really impressed me was not only how quickly the data uploaded, using the optional bandwidth throttle on a pretty lame DSL connection (about 8 hours), but more than that was that the upload did not interfere all that much with normal internet surfing, work and other activity.

Other online backup services we have tested have taken over 24 hours for 1 GB of data upload, but completed tanked the internet download ability. Both are using SSL for transfer but IDrive is obviously do more work with less overhead.

IDrive is a very nice online backup service and we have a full review underway.

In the meantime I highly recommend downloading, installing and trying it out for yourself.

Do keep in mind that if you install the desktop application, that does not include the IDrive explorer with it. Simply right click the IDrive icon in the system tray, select “Open IDrive Explorer” and it will be downloaded and you can quickly install it.

Try out IDrive with a free account right now.

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