Mozy Home Adds Mobile Apps and Sync

Mozy Home online backup is getting with the program and adding mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. They aren’t out yet, but are announced as coming.

In addition, they are working on syncing computers.

This is all good because Mozy, one of the first to get into the online backup service space, is lagging in features and, oh, by the way, just raised their price and eliminated the unlimited storage option a month ago.

Here is the text of the email from Mozy Home:

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of two exciting new Mozy features: mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and a private beta of Mozy file sync. With Mozy file sync you’ll be able to synchronize your files across all your computers automatically. No more emailing a copy to yourself. No more saving to a USB drive.

With the mobile apps you’ll be able to access your backed up files from your iOS (iPhone & iPad) or Android device. Quickly view photo thumbnails and download the full file (high resolution) right to your mobile device. Additionally, you can email any of your backed up files to friends and family.

We will be updating our Mozy Home review as well as our comparison spreadsheet in anticipation of these new features.

Hopefully, the people at Mozy won’t keep us waiting too long.

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