Mozy App for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android Released

Mozy online backup has just released their new app for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod, available on the App Store. Android users can get their free app on the Android Market.

What Can You Do With The Mozy Mobile Apps?

Access your files

Access the files you protect with Mozy from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, even Android. See all your backed up computers from a single application. Find files by search, or browse the files system hierarchy.

Download your files

Download and use your Mozy backup files right on your device. Additionally, you can open a file in other applications that handle that type of file.

View your photos

Preview your photos or view them as a Gallery. Then view and flip through your photos in full-screen mode and even publish your full-resolution photos to your Facebook account.

Take a free test drive of Mozy Online Backup Service.

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