Mozy Protected My Data When My Laptop Hard Drive Failed

Hard Drive Failure Need Not Lead To Heart Failure With Mozy


Blue Screen Of Death? No Problem With Mozy Protecting My Files

Most people panic when they see the dreaded Windows Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), even computer people. And while it’s a definite inconvenience, it need not be tragedy if you have Mozy Home online backup protecting your files.

The thing about Mozy is that it backs up your files without you having to think about it or put it on your to-do list.

So when I turned to my laptop and saw the BSOD I naturally was not happy, yet I also remembered seeing the little pop-up balloon earlier that said “Mozy is backing up your files”.

The little balloon gets kind of annoying, but it can sure be comforting, especially after the fact when you are staring at a Windows blue screen of death.

Access Mozy Files On Your Smartphone

Even though I am one of about 10 people in the world who do not own an iPhone, I was able to grab my Android smartphone, open the Mozy App and immediately download the file I worked on most recently on that laptop and open it with QuickOffice Pro (that I picked up free one day) and everything was there.

Can you understand how comforting that is?

Most people have a heart attack when they see a BSOD, pick up the phone and call their computer guy (me) and scream for help!

While you still may well need your computer guy to fix your blue screen of death, you DON’T need your computer guy to get your files back!

Here is a screencast video I did showing how easy it is to restore your files from the Mozy Home website to ANY PC in the world. All you need is an internet connection and your Mozy login credentials (I mention the free LastPass cloud based password vault on the video)

Just because you get a blue screen of death does not mean your data is lost, as the blog post at PCRoger describes getting data off this very drive using the Vantec USB Hard Drive Adapter.

But that takes time, the USB adapter and another working PC.

It’s so much nicer to have instant access with a smartphone or tablet or just restore to any other computer you have access to.

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