How Much Does MyPCBackup Cost?

How About A Big Discount Off Of MyPCBackup?

How Much Does MyPCBackup Cost?

Keep Reading To SAVE BIG On MyPCBackup

Since it’s not that easy to really see how much does MyPCBackup cost I thought maybe if we posted some screen shots and linked back to our super secret and huge MyPCBackup discount page it might be helpful to many of you.

For most of the time we have been affiliated with MyPCBackup its seems that price has been kind of hard to figure out; they want you to start a free trial first.

That’s OK, but not everyone will commit to handing out their email address and downloading software just to find out what the price of the cloud backup service is – and then they risk missing out on one of the best and cheapest cloud backup options available.

The graphic at the left is all some people care about, and the folks at MyPCBackup are happy to make it simple.

What you may not realize, though, is that they actually have 3 plans available – they are not ALL unlimited storage. They offer 75GB, 250GB and unlimited.

There really is so little difference in the cost that – after the super secret discount – that almost everyone may as well go for the unlimited and not worry about running out of cloud backup space or going over.

Let’s take a look at the plans, with the MASSIVE discount applied:

MyPCBackup 75GB Home Plan Pricing

You can see from this screen shot that MyPCBackup costs $8.95 per month on a monthly basis for the 75GB home plan, which can be knocked down to $6.95 per month if you pay by the year. Not bad, but some competitors are less.

NOW, though, look at the number with the HUGE DISCOUNT! Yeah, $1.86 per month if you pay yearly – all of $22.32

mypcbackup home 75gb plan pricing

First, The 75GB Home Plan Pricing


MyPCBackup 250GB Premium Plan Pricing

The 250GB Premium plan is apparently the most popular options. True, few customers currently need more than 250GB. This plan costs almost 10 bucks per month, right? No way. Pay by the year and it’s down to less than $8 per month.

But who pays full price? Look at the discounted offer.

mypcbackup premium 250gb plan pricing

* Most Popular - Premium Plan Pricing Offers 250GB Cloud Storage


MyPCBackup Unlimited Plan Pricing With Massive Discount – Why Not?

Unlimited cloud backup for about $35 per year, paid up front. WOW! Does anyone pay $12.95 per month? Not OnlineBackupSpot people!

mypcbackup unlimited cloud storage pricing plan

MyPCBackup Unlimited Cloud Storage Pricing At Huge Discount

This is such an awesome deal for an online backup service that just keeps adding features all the time is an incredible deal. The company has had some hiccups here and there that we have reported on this site, but it never put anyone’s data at risk (that we know of) and shouldn’t since they use the rock solid geo-diversified servers to protect your data.

Want that link again for the huge MyPCBackup discount instructions?


(Thought so 😎 )

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