MyPCBackup Offers Faster Backup Speeds

MyPCBackup online backup service is primarily known for offering unlimited online storage for a set, reasonable fee. Before, though, initial backup speeds could be sluggish at times, especially depending on your own internet upload speed. Remember: Most internet services will offer much higher download speed than upl0ad speed, and they always advertise the higher download […]

Unlimited Online Storage With MyPCBackup

The Sky Is The Limit With This Online Backup Service One of the concerns when choosing an online backup service is whether you get unlimited online storage or need to pick a plan large enough – and expensive enough – to fit all of your data. People with lots of high quality music files or […]

MyPCBackup Video Shows How To Restore A File From Backup

MyPCBackup online backup service is very simple, straightforward and easy to use. Nonetheless, we know some people would appreciate a video showing just how easy it is to restore a file from a backup, since, what’s the use of an online backup service if you cannot get back a file that was lost, damaged or […]

MyPCBackup Review And Configuration Video

Since we have been working on our new MyPCBackup Review we have been spending some time testing the software. Naturally, we had some questions and called tech support to get the answers so our review would be as complete as possible. Since this is one of the few online backup software companies to offer unlimited […]