Unlimited Online Storage With MyPCBackup

unlimited-online-storage-with-mypcbackupThe Sky Is The Limit With This Online Backup Service

One of the concerns when choosing an online backup service is whether you get unlimited online storage or need to pick a plan large enough – and expensive enough – to fit all of your data.

People with lots of high quality music files or video to upload are especially at risk of going over an online storage quota and getting dinged in surcharges or forced to upgrade.

Not a lot of companies will allow you true unlimited online storage, in fact one person commented on a site that they were paying extra money each month to (I won’t name them) and had their prepaid account cancelled, their files deleted and no refund for unused time.

All because they uploaded to much data to their unlimited online storage account!

Unlimited Online Storage With No Bandwidth Throttle

Another trick up the sleeve of some online backup services is to throttle your bandwidth once you exceed a given amount of storage space, effectively preventing you from going too far over their “soft” limit.

This should not be acceptable to you.

A bandwidth throttle should only be imposed on YOUR end, for instance to prevent an initial online backup from hogging your entire bandwidth during hours you need to use it for other things.

Having a company throttle you at their end is just not going to work for you if unless you have very little data to upload to the cloud.

And, quite frankly, if you have that little of data then you could quite likely get by with a free account from a reputable vendor, try SugarSync.

With a lot of data to backup to the cloud, make sure you have a great broadband connection, particularly on the upload side. Being able to download at 20meg speeds won’t help you, it’s the upload side that counts.

So if you are ready to start uploading your data to the cloud and feel you need unlimited online storage for one set price, then consider MyPCBackup which gives you just that.

MyPCBackup offers unlimited online storage and you can optionally have unlimited computers on that account. And as with all other reputable online backup services, there is a free trial period to make sure you are happy.

Try MyPCBackup right now

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