SugarSync Is Better Than Google, Apple or Amazon With Mobile Cloud Music

mobile-cloud-music-serviceWhen it comes to a mobile cloud music service you will find that SugarSync is number one. While Apple, Google, and Amazon all try to get you to pile into their proprietary cloud music program (so they can milk your wallet once you are there) by claiming it is free – think again.

These companies are not charities.

They want to tie you in so that you cannot get out (Apple especially). In fact, you cannot even sign up for Google’s new cloud music service to get their free songs without giving them your credit card information. You have to turn your email address into a Google Checkout account – even if you already have a different Google Checkout already setup.

(These companies think you only have 1 email account; yeah, right!)

When it comes to cloud backup, it is very hard to recommend one product and say that it is absolutely the best for you; because everyone’s needs are different. Once you determine, though, that mobile devices and syncing between them are what you really need to do, SugarSync immediately rises to the top.

With Apple’s iCloud service, they obviously take care of all of their own products but leave you out in the cold should you dare to buy a non-Apple device; or work for a company that buys one of those contraband devices for you.

With Google and Amazon, same thing only on the Android side. This is partially Apple’s fault because they don’t really want to play well with others, but I bet they could do it if they wanted to.

And my proof that they could?

Well, how about the fact that SugarSync DOES play well with all mobile devices? Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, even Symbian! When was the last time you saw a cloud storage vendor talk about supporting Symbian mobile devices?

The simple truth is that if you want an online backup service that will support whatever mobile device you have PLUS whatever mobile device your family or friends have who you share stuff with, then go with SugarSync.

SugarSync has a free 30 day trial, they even have a 5GB free account with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED! (Suck on that, Google)

Try SugarSync right now and enjoy!

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