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When talking with the owner of our local pool business he mentioned that they had recently had a computer hard drive go bad.

Expecting to hear about weeks of agony and records reconstruction I instead heard how Carbonite for Business online backup had saved the day for him.

While his original attempt to restore the data failed, a quick call to Carbonite Business tech support found out that it was some problem with his email address he was using and was quickly resolved.

I was simultaneously happy that he had a good backup when disaster struck and that a product we recommend here at was the solution that worked for him.

I was not surprised to hear, though, his follow up statement that he had learned the hard way about the need for good computer backup.

Why is that?

Why Must People Lose Data Before It Becomes Clear They Need Online Backup?

This business owner is not the only one who had to go through an expensive, painful data loss before realizing that the very reasonable cost of business grade online backup is not an option or a luxury but simple common sense.

  • All hard drives WILL FAIL EVENTUALLY
  • It doesn’t matter if the hard drive is brand new
  • RAID mirroring or above (NOT RAID 0, that’s not really RAID in our mind) only protects you from hard drive failure, not data corruption or accidental deletion
  • RAID only protects you if you monitor the array to make sure you do not have a failed drive in the array already! Then replace that failed drive before you lose another one
  • Your building (or home) where the data resides could: flood, burn, get blown away, get burglarized

Online backup for your business data can literally save your business, or maybe just your profits!

Try out a quality online backup software and make sure you understand how to use it and can verify that your data is being backed up regularly and automatically.

(We have found that the only way business data gets reliably backed up is if it happens automatically – without someone having to remember to change a tape or double click an icon.)

Then take time to TEST A RESTORE of some data so you don’t have a heart attack the first time you REALLY NEED that data and run into a glitch, like the pool company owner above did (not the heart attack, fortunately, just the glitch!).

We work with several excellent online backup services for business and try to review this services and relay our experiences here.

Why not test drive Carbonite for Business with a FREE TRIAL?

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  1. Posted December 20, 2012 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    I keep telling myself that I need this, Carbonite. I just keep putting it off. I think you’ve finally convinced me to do it now! Thanks

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