Why Aren’t People Buying MyPCBackup?

Former Favorite Unlimited Online Backup Service


Why Not MyPCBackup?

MyPCBackup really had a good run in early 2012 as a favorite unlimited online backup service. Then, mysteriously, people stopped buying (or subscribing) to the service.

Like any good website, we try to keep tabs on what our readers like and don’t like. There are many inputs we use, one of which is feedback from vendors as to whether or not people subscribe after visiting our site.

And what we have been seeing is that people still read our MyPCBackup review and articles, then head over to the MyPCBackup website and often try out the software. But no one is actually buying and saying, “yes, this works for us and we want to continue using it”.

What we would like to know is why? What is it about MyPCBackup that you don’t like. The price is quite reasonable, one might even say cheap. We even did a video on how to get the service for less than they are asking for it.

You Can Help!

One of the things we can do to answer why people are not buying MyPCBackup is to ask our readers – you! – why you are not buying it. Did you try it? Did you see a reason not to even try it?

We would love to hear the answer; and, find out what online backup service you found that was better.

This website is all about helping people and to do that effectively we need to know not what WE think of a particular online backup service, but what YOU think of it. We are technology experts and are fully aware that what WE find easy and intuitive is not always what the average computer user finds easy and intuitive.

So please leave us a comment below; we will read and approve them as fast as possible (we do have to check for spam, that’s why the comment won’t show right away).

Thanks in advance.

And if you haven’t yet tried MyPCBackup, you can do so here.

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  1. Observer
    Posted December 21, 2012 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    MyPCBackup, JustCloud, and ZipCloud are all owned by a company called Just Develop IT (JDI).

    JDI was created after the owners sold their web hosting company. JDI has been aggressively marketing their products online. Their marketing is a COMPLETE SCAM.

    JDI targets review sites like this one, and specifically ask the “reviewers” to rank the three companies (MyPCBackup, JustCloud, and ZipCloud) as the top three solutions in exchange for a high commission.


    Whenever I see a “review” site, ranking any of these three JDI companies, I just run away as fast as possible. Your website is one of those misleading the public by endorsing such a scam marketing by ranking MyPCBackup at #2, and ZipCloud at #5. In my opinion, all JDI sites don’t deserve to be listed even at #1,000.

    The Internet has created a lot of great opportunities, but at the same time, it has brought such a Pyramid scam in our lives; and the sad part is so called “reviewers” are pushing these sub-standard products on unsuspecting readers, with no guilt.

    Buyer Beware!!!

  2. Online Backup Spot
    Posted December 29, 2012 at 2:39 pm | Permalink


    I appreciate your comment, though I felt the need to edit it to avoid any legal issues.

    Originally we had lots of contact with the company, they did NOT put any pressure on us, and allowed us to be compensated in 1 of 3 ways, 2 of which could certainly not be considered out of the ordinary in any way. The 3rd was more aggressive but had its drawbacks.

    Issues with the service, at that time, were promptly addressed. Their service was easy to setup, provided unlimited cloud storage, and was cheap. LOTS of people were looking for that and they sought to fill that need. Nothing wrong with that.

    Over the past 6 months, however, we have become concerned and is the reason we made this post. Hence, I do question why you accuse us of misleading the public. If we were kissing up to them, we certainly would not create a post such as this one.

    We are in the process of updating our MyPCBackup review and rankings, but due to Holiday schedules and illness, it’s taking longer than hoped.

    thanks for your commment


  3. Big Steve
    Posted August 23, 2013 at 9:09 am | Permalink

    You edited the previous post, and then you replied to it. What a pitiful scam.

    I read the full post on another site. I had doubts that a review site would edit someone’s post as the author said.

    But you really did it.

    Luckily, the author found out that you edited his post, and the story of your deceit is now up on several review sites.

    So now your site, onlinebackupspot.com, has joined JDI and MyPCBackup as partners in crime.

    My interest in all this? JDI and MyPCBackup have put a popup on my computer. I can’t remove it yet, but that is why I am searching reviews. I have to find some other poor soul who has had their computer attacked and hacked.

    By the way, you really hurt yourself by defending such an obviously dishonest company. Reviews of JDI and MyPCBackup are overwhelmingly negative. You are now associated with such scum.

    If you are honest, then you did zero research. Any search will turn up tons of negative reviews. Any search will do. You don’t have to dig, and you won’t find positive reviews.

    More likely, you are just as corrupt and dishonest as JDI and MyPCBackup.

  4. PC Roger
    Posted August 23, 2013 at 11:49 am | Permalink

    Big Steve,

    Why are we not to believe you (and the previous commenter) are just a competitor to MyPCBackup?

    How is it “a scam” to edit a comment (AND MARK IT EDITED, btw) – it’s not like I CHANGED what was said – and then reply to what’s kept? (Hint: It’s NOT!)

    Did you READ our reply? What about it seems to not make sense, be a “scam”, or in any way unprofessional?

    I didn’t even take him to task for the LAME comparison between other sites ranking JDI products 1,2,3 and him admitting that we had them #2, #5 and… not listed!

    Besides, this happens all the time, it’s called MODERATING. Responsible website owners do that.

    There is not ANY online backup vendor out there that one cannot find many negative posts about – whether they are valid gripes, whiners, or – competitors. The internet is replete with such b.s.

    There are times when we will edit a comment if what is said is over inflammatory (too much more than “just the facts”) or if someone exposes an email address or other personal info, or if it’s just not relevant. It’s our site and we can do that if we see fit.

    I stand behind it, and our reply would not be any different had it NOT been edited.

    There is really no good reason for someone to be posting identical comments on more than 1 site, so if you THINK you read an identical comment somewhere else that SUPPOSEDLY was left here.. I need say no more.

    As for MyPCBackup goes, we have “changed our mind” on it a couple of times. When the facts change, we change, what do you do? (famous quote)

    In the business of cloud storage, the facts seem to change almost daily and we do our best to keep up.

    We also ask users to leave WORTHWHILE comments for or against. RARELY do users do that. RARELY does a happy customer do that – for ANY company or product. And why do you think we created this post in the fist place? To GET USER FEEDBACK.

    What we desire is HONEST feedback, not just flamers.

    As long as MyPCBackup provides a service that people want at a price they find desirable, they will stay in business. Just because their marketing isn’t what I would do doesn’t mean we don’t try to give an honest review based on OUR experience with them.

    You might, though you don’t, give us credit for calling them out on the issues we have made about them; and how we do a video to help people sign up for their service at a lower price by DELAYING the upgrade to a paid subscription, etc – no, just accuse us of being a scam?

    Unlike many reviews you find about MyPCBackup, we have actually USED the product, though we can’t be using ALL the products we review ALL the time. When a change is made – for better or for worse – we may very well miss it.

    We have reported the good and the bad on our site, we have worked to try to get MyPCBackup to improve the things we don’t like about them. We have been successful with some issues, not with others.

    Try giving credit where credit is do, huh?

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