All My Photos Lost Because Of No Computer Backup

Don’t Wait Until Your Hard Drive Crashes To Backup


Do You Cherish Your Photos?

I was perusing a travel forum the other day and saw a post by a woman with a Mac wondering what was the best external hard drive to buy for computer backup.

It seems that she found out that even a Mac is vulnerable to failure and lost all of her photos when the hard drive crashed.

Unfortunately this is not the first time I have heard that story. People are losing cherished photos, memories, and other important data every day either because the idea of computer backup just doesn’t cross their mind or they don’t get around to it.

Until it’s too late.

And while she got some good advice about a good external hard drive for backup, no one had offered her the better option of dual backup: external hard drive AND cloud backup.

Mozy Home Offers 2X Backup (local and cloud)

Mozy online backup service has been around as long as most and often innovates. They have what they call 2X backup which lets you schedule a backup not only to their cloud servers online but also to a local device such as an external hard drive.

Both backup mediums have advantages.

The key, though, is to at least make sure you have a backup in case of hardware failure.

And as pointed out in this video from MacMost, even Mac hard drives will fail (they use the same hard drives as would go in a PC…). Once the drive fails, it’s too late. Either spend thousands of dollars on expensive data recovery which may or may not get back all of your precious photos and other data, or simply write off the loss and move forward painfully recreating what can be redone.


Take The Right Action Now

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect the photos, videos, music and other data on your laptop or desktop computer.

Mozy Home is a good choice especially if you like the idea of local AND online backup – both scheduled to run automatically without you having to remember to do it.

Mozy offers a free 2GB account and an upgrade if you need more space.

Claim your free 2GB account at Mozy Home and get protected right now

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