LaCie External Hard Drive Fails, Data Lost

All External Hard Drives Will Fail Eventually, Some Sooner


Seagate FreeAgent is Quality - But Still Needs Backup!

I was just reading on a forum this morning about a member who had some files on a LaCie external hard drive that did not fit on his computer.

He was not too thrilled with LaCie at the moment because the drive has failed and since he had no current backup was wondering how to get the data off of it.

Hopefully, the data can be recovered, but there is no guarantee of that naturally.

While this particular computer user seems more savvy than many, it does appear that perhaps he has fallen into a thought trap that has snared many before him.

That is, just because an external hard drive is often used for backup does NOT mean that the external hard drive won’t fail itself and that the date on that external drive does not need to be protected with an online backup service.

In fact, the only thing different about protecting data on an external hard drive with online backup is that you need to make sure you choose an online backup service that SUPPORTS external hard drives. Not all do!

All external hard drives will fail eventually!

The hard drives in an external hard drive are often no better than the hard drive in your PC, unless you get a top quality external drive like the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex. But even those hard drives can and do fail at some point, just USUALLY not as soon as other less expensive brands.

Yes, you do get what you pay for!

The cool thing about online backup is that often a free account is the same quality online backup as a paid account, just not as much storage.

IDrive is one service that we love and use because they support external hard drives, network drives and have all the other options you want.

IDrive is also generous with their free online backup account in that they offer you 5GB of space.

Protect ALL of your data and important files, including those on your external hard drive, with a quality online backup service like IDrive.

Get a free account at IDrive and start protecting your data

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