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Secure Your Data, Avoid HIPAA Violation

Having been an IT consultant to many medical clients and law firms over the years I understand the importance of a HIPAA compliant cloud storage solution that is affordably priced.

Losing data is absolutely not an option as that typically would mean lost billing. Data compromise is equally unacceptable as that can lead to a loss of reputation and a painful legal settlement.

A key problem we found over the years when dealing with doctors, though, was that everyone seems to think they are rich and should therefore be charged inflated prices for the same products everyone else has access to at lower prices. Computer software is certainly one of those items.

Fortunately, when it comes to HIPAA compliant cloud storage, the same reputable online backup vendor we use in every business and industry offers their service to doctors at the same price as everyone else.

IDrive Provides HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

There actually are no clear cut specific guidelines for HIPAA compliant online backup of data files. Yet what needs to be covered is pretty clear to anyone with knowledge of data security, and IDrive is more than willing to help you make sure that your cloud backup and storage plan with them meets all necessary requirements.

There are a number of reasons we trust, recommend and use IDrive for medical data that falls subject to HIPAA:

  • IDrive has been in the cloud storage business for a long time, and..
  • Their reputation is not only impeccable, they have always treated us right
  • The encryption options they offer have always been industry leading and ahead of the curve
  • The cost of IDrive online backup is both reasonable and affordable
  • IDrive support is second to none in the online backup industry

Backup Options That Are NOT HIPAA Compliant

In the “old days” a business, including those in the medical profession, would backup their data – probably unencrypted – to a backup tape (diskettes in the “older yet days”) – and someone would throw that tape or tapes in a pocket/purse/briefcase or other carrying device and take it home so it would be off site.

Yes, still others would backup and leave the backup media on-site, others yet had no backup at all. Some paid the price…

None of these methods is HIPAA compliant and the advent of online backup, now often called – correctly or not – cloud storage (read the difference between online backup and online storage) makes for a much more complete data security solution.

There have been just way too many natural disasters that wipe out large areas that could easily encompass both company location and the home or other off-site backup location that may be used to provide data restoration in case of a building specific event.

In addition, as data has grown in volume it is no longer practical to have 30 days worth of backup tapes plus a tape sequestered after the end of every month and every year for permanent archiving. Even my clients who did go along with such a complete data backup regimen were still at risk, over time, of not being able to restore data due to obsolescence of the tape hardware required to perform a prompt restore when the data might be needed.

Is IDrive Your Answer For HIPAA Requirements?

With IDrive, your HIPAA compliant cloud storage protection plan can include ways of expediting your entire data set, if necessary, such as in the case of catastrophic hardware loss or failure.

As for pricing, naturally it depends on how much data you need to store online in the “cloud”. But if you have priced, or been “pitched” on other HIPAA compliant online backup options that can start at several hundred dollars per month we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of IDrive considering what they deliver versus the competition.

IDrive is a professional level online backup solution, and even has not just a free trial, but permanent free account (5GB).

We think you will find it to be what you are looking for and be a happy customer of theirs for a long time.

Check out IDrive for your HIPAA compliant cloud storage needs.


P.S. We would love to hear back from you after you give it a try – thanks

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  1. Kevin McKay
    Posted July 28, 2015 at 2:24 am | Permalink

    I contacted IDrive to ask them if they were HIPAA compliant and they said NO.

    Further, I had all my patient records backed up by IDrive in their “sync folder.” One day I went to access my patient records and 2500+ files were gone – all but two files were gone. I right clicked on the sync folder, clicked properties and it said I had 2500 files, but only two would show up when opening the folder. I contacted IDrive support in my frenzy of panic. Their first level of tech support was unable to help so they escalated the issue to higher level tech support. It took them THREE WEEKS to finally contact me.

    Two clear deal-breakers for a medical office!

  2. PC Roger
    Posted August 4, 2015 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    Dr. Kevin,

    Thanks for taking the time to write, sorry for the delay as I was travelling.

    To clarify, IDrive is not HIPAA compliant or non-compliant in and of themselves. You can utilize their service and remain HIPAA compliant, but the onus is on you to follow the regulations.

    My understanding is that you have to use the private key option in order to be HIPAA compliant. This is a crucial (HIPAA) feature that many cloud storage companies do not offer.

    As for the ‘Sync’ feature, I believe you will want to turn off that feature entirely in order to remain HIPAA compliant. Otherwise the data will show up on devices that it shouldn’t.

    The person you spoke to at IDrive regarding HIPAA compliance was either not well trained on the topic or did not communicate well with you.


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