MyPCBackup Releases New Mobile Apps – This Is HUGE!

Stream And Edit Your Cloud Files With MyPCBackup Mobile Apps

MyPCBackup sent out an email the other day like it was no big deal, but these new mobile apps are huge and catapult MyPCBackup into the next level of service provider.

In short, you can now actually DO SOMETHING with your cloud data; like stream media files and edit online content. We will be testing shortly, but this announcement is something that a lot of users have been wanting and, in truth, some have chosen a competitor like SugarSync because it was a feature that was a deal breaker for them.

Here is a screen shot of the email MyPCBackup sent out announcing the new mobile apps:


Stream and Edit Cloud Files With New MyPCBackup Apps

Just for the sake of the search engines I’ll enumerate what is stated in the graphic.

For the iPhone and iPad, The New MyPCBackup App Will:

  • Easily edit and view all of your backed up files
  • Upload new files, voice memos, photos or videos
  • Stream your music and videos on the go
  • Automatically backup your Camera Roll

The New MyPCBackup Android App Will:

  • Easily edit and view all of your backed up files
  • Upload new files from your phone or tablet
  • Save files from other apps to MyPCBackup
  • Listen to all your music on the move

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

There’s actually more to this than meets the eye.

Yes, it’s great that the MyPCBackup apps will do these cool things, but what’ more important in general (though maybe not for you..) is that it shows us that the company is not resting on their as such very successful laurels and is instead continually pushing the corporate envelope to provide more services to their customers.

It also shows that these people are still excited about their work; what that means for you is that they are making sure that your data is taken care of. A successful business can tend to the needed maintenance, staff the support help desk and keep your data protected and available.

Yes, they’ve gone through some growing pains and we’ve been among the first to point out issues when they were present, but for now it looks like they are firing on all cylinders and we are excited to see it.

Not yet a customer?

Start a free trial right now for MyPCBackup then download the new apps on your mobile devices.

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