Livedrive Releases Windows 8 Modern App

Livedrive Online Backup Ahead Of The Competition


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Livedrive is staying ahead of other online backup companies by releasing a Windows 8 modern app for their awesome cloud backup service.

Just today Livedrive has released a free Windows 8 Modern App which lets their customers access files stored in the cloud from their Windows 8 devices.

By doing so they have become one of the first cloud storage providers to have a Windows 8 app and after extensive testing they believe they have the best cloud app on the market.

The Livedrive Windows 8 app includes a range of key features:

  • Upload and download files directly to the cloud
  • View your documents stored in the cloud
  • Stream your movies
  • Enjoy your photos on the touchscreen interface
  • Share files with other Windows 8 apps
  • Save files to your cloud from other compatible apps

The app also includes several features which are not available in the competition’s apps and help improve the user experience, these include:

Backup Windows modern app data, available through the new Livedrive Desktop 1.10 program.

Video streaming and music streaming is done directly within the app, you do not have to stream files in another app and keep moving between the video app and Livedrive app.

Share files with other Windows 8 apps via two different methods. The share function is not available on some cloud apps and the companies which do include it only offer one way to share. Offering two options allows the program to adapt to how YOU use the new operating system.

Large previews of images within the app saves time and doesn’t bother the user to switch to another app to view the file.

To us it seems that Livedrive is leading the field in the cloud app space.

Try Livedrive for free and get your stuff backed up!

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  1. Posted November 1, 2012 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

    This is a Great Idea! Something I definitely need to be doing but don’t. My excuses have always been, too difficult, takes too much time etc.

    In the back of my mind, I’m always worried about losing my work. I will give this a try, Thanks.

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