Livedrive Encryption And FTP Downloads

Livedrive Online Backup Is Fully Encrypted


Livedrive Protects Your Files With Encryption

I have seen on many forums the question of whether Livedrive encryption is just a myth since files can be downloaded using and un-secure version of FTP (file transfer protocol).

Since we prefer to deal in facts rather than speculation, we thought it best to pose the question straight out to technical support for Livedrive and see what kind of answer we get back.

So many online backup services skirt the tough questions and give you either a non-answer or just don’t answer your question at all. Therefore we saw this as a bit of a test of Livedrive’s tech support at the same time.

So Is Livedrive Encrypted or Not?

Let’s answer this question.

Yes, your files are fully encrypted at Livedrive.

Can I Download Livedrive Files With FTP?

Yes, you can download files from Livedrive online backup with FTP.

So let’s clarify with the actual Q&A with Livedrive tech support:

Q: I am reviewing your online backup offering and was wondering how my data can be secure if you allow FTP access to it; FTP is not secure (yes, you also offer SFTP..). And, Once I download my file with FTP or SFTP, how do I decrypt it?

A: Livedrive uses military grade, AES-256 security to encrypt all communications between a user’s computer and our servers, data stored on your Livedrive is backed up on to multiple storage servers at our data centres ensuring your data is fully protected.

Our network is protected by enterprise-grade firewalls ensuring that once your data is on our servers only the people you want to access your data can.

Files stored on our server are encrypted, so in the very unlikely event that someone compromised our data storage and stole any data it would be meaningless.

This storage encryption is done by our web service on receipt of the file, rather than by the Desktop Sync Software on your PC.  If this encryption was done by Desktop Sync then we wouldn’t be able to let you download the unencrypted files directly from the web portal or from FTP – you could only use the software.

The encryption used between the Desktop Sync Software and the Livedrive servers is a separate process – more similar to the SSL connection you use when sending data to and from your online bank.

Files are decrypted before transmission to you – it is up to you how you wish to download files, and whether to use an encrypted method to do so.

It’s Really Up To You

Most people will NOT use an un-secured method of transferring file from their online backup service like basic FTP.

With Livedrive, they give you that choice if you want to use it.

But your files ARE ENCRYPTED on Livedrive’s servers and are therefore secure, and are normally transferred securely, and that is what we would recommend.

You can try out Livedrive free, with no obligation, no credit card needed – click here to start a free Livedrive trial

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