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Seal Pic Snagged From Livedrive

I checked in over at the Livedrive blog this morning and found a number of worthwhile entries that I thought deemed passing along.

The first is with regard to a new improvement at Livedrive for those of you with Chromebooks. It’s a new app that will make it real easy to upload photos (like the seal pictured above, left) to your Livedrive cloud storage account.

Livedrive has been one of our readers most popular choices for online backup over the last several months.

Almost everyone who has signed up for a free trial of Livedrive has been thrilled with the service and gone ahead and signed up for a full paid account. What better review could you ask for than satisfied customers just like you?

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Online Backup / Cloud Storage Tips From Livedrive

I learned from decades of running small businesses that one of the keys to success is to educate your customers so that they have realistic expectations of your products and services.

Livedrive is doing just that with many of the blog entries over at their website.

Megabits Vs. MegaBytes

One such entry is an explanation of the difference between megabits per second (Mbps) and megabytes per second (MBps). You wouldn’t think so, but just the capitalization of that “b” is an EIGHT-fold difference in the performance of your internet connection and by extension, your transfer speed to your cloud storage provider.

In addition, your upload speed (sending files TO Livedrive) will almost always be slower than your download speed (retrieving files FROM Livedrive) due to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) throttling uploads more than downloads.

When a Terabyte is Not a Terabyte

A similar discussion on the Livedrive blog pointed out the reasons why a hard drive never holds as much information as you expect.

In short, how bytes are counted – in combination with formatting and drive overhead – means you will never be able to store quite as much as the number on the box might make you think.

It’s not really cheating or being deceptive, just a matter of consumer education.

In Summary

Livedrive is doing a great job of educating anyone interested in cloud storage and online backup. They are improving their service and making it ever more usable to the continuous onslaught of new mobile devices.

The neat thing is that you can try out Livedrive before buying and we highly suggest you do that.

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