Online Backup Allows Access To Files When Traveling

online-backup-allows-file-access-while-travelingEver leave home on travel, whether vacation or work related, and have that sinking feeling that you forgot something?

Not necessarily that you left the stove on, though we have had that thought once or twice!, but that there was something you were going to bring but didn’t?

These days, that “something” is likely to be a document or computer file of some kind that you were either going to work on while at the beach – or so you told yourself – or maybe a critical file for a business presentation.

Once that aircraft lifts off the runway is usually about the time I remember what it is that I forgot.

Online Backup Comes To The Rescue

Thankfully, if you have a good online backup service protecting your data files then you do have access to those important computer files that you wished you had stuck on a USB stick and brought along.

Online backup will automatically backup your computer files to the “cloud” so that you not only don’t need to remember to backup – one of the primary reasons people used to lose data – but it is available to you 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Right now, for instance, I am 1200 miles from my primary computing platform. If there is something I need to work on, reference or perhaps send off to someone else that is not on my laptop, then anything that has been uploaded from my normal working PC to the online backup service’s “cloud” servers is available for me to download to my laptop and use.

Avoid That Sinking “I Forgot Something” Feeling

While subscribing to a top online backup service won’t eliminate that “did I leave the stove on” pit from your stomach, it will avoid that “#%$^$^$%, I forgot that spreadsheet I needed to work on” feeling that leaves your stomach on the runway when your plane takes off and it finally dawns on you what you DID forget.

Learn more about an online backup service that will come through for you when you need it.

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