Mozy Online Backup Continues To Improve Mobile Apps


Mozy Apps Keep Getting Better

Mozy Online Backup may have been a little lagging in getting mobile apps out there, especially for Android users, but they are catching up fast.

In fact, the latest update looks – and works – pretty darn well.

And Mozy Stash is making the mobile experience better than ever too.

From the Stash beta, one of the most frequently requested features has to do with the Mozy app. Thankfully, unlike many other tech companies and especially those in the online backup service arena, Mozy listens to their users.

Mozy users have asked the company for the capability to upload files from their mobile device to their Stash.

It’s been possible to upload photos and videos to your Stash for a while, but not other types of files. The latest version of the Mozy app now makes it possible to upload any type of file, so that the file is then available on any of your linked computers.

As you can see from the screen shot on the left, the My Mozy home page on the Android App categorizes your files for easy access.

Yet, if you want to view all of your uploaded files present in Mozy’s cloud storage then just hit the menu button on your phone and select “All Files” and you can drill down like usual.

With frequent updates to the mobile apps and features added that users have requested, I expect that Mozy “gets it” and will continue to improve these programs and add features in short order.

As it is I find the app very useful. The one thing I would like to see is music streaming instead of having to download the entire song first… but patience, I am told, is a virtue.

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