The Savvy Traveler Uses SugarSync For On-The-Go Access To Files

The Savvy Traveler is always on the go, whether its for business or for pleasure. And you have data that you need to access whenever you get where you are going. You might be in New York one day, and in California the next.

The problem is, you don’t always know what data you will need to bring along with you; and, sometimes you forget to load the data you think you need on your mobile device or USB stick.

And sometimes, well, sometimes technology fails and the USB stick is corrupted – ruining your day along with it.

Whether it’s on a plane, in a taxi, or a hotel room, SugarSync ensures that you will always have instant access to all your documents–wherever they may be. SugarSync allows you to access all their data on the fly. With unique features like automatic online back-up, folder and file sharing, and top notch security features, SugarSync is a must-have for any avid globetrotter – in addition to everyone else, of course!

Remote File Access:

SugarSync not only ensures that your files are backed up and up-to-date, but also allows you to access your personal cloud from wherever you are.  SugarSync boasts multiple features that let you stay synced from anywhere in the world.

  • Access your files from any browser: As long as you have an internet connection, you can get to your SugarSync files. You can retrieve your data from any computer, even if it doesn’t have SugarSync installed. Simply log into your secure SugarSync account from the web to get access to all your files!
  • Edit files remotely: Even if your computer is offline, you can reach all your synced files because they are stored in your cloud. The next time your computer connects to the Internet, any changes you’ve made will automatically be synced back to the cloud and all your other devices!
  • Share from anywhere: With SugarSync, you are able to send important files to anyone you want, from wherever you want. Any size and type of file can instantly be shared via any device that you choose!

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