IDrive Redesigned Plus 20% Off Coupon Code

IDrive Online Backup Better Than Ever IDrive online backup service has been a favorite of ours for a long time and only recently came up with a problem that prevented us from recommending it in certain circumstances. Well, probably because of us (just kidding) they have redesigned their software, added some real cool functionality like […]

IDrive Online Backup: A Couple Of Negatives Encountered

IDrive Local Backup And A Design Issue IDrive Online Backup has been our #1 recommendation for some time now and we think for good reason. It works and users are overall happy with it, so what more can you want? Well, there are many things we can want actually. And before I go too far […]

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

Affordable HIPAA Compliant Online Backup Solution Having been an IT consultant to many medical clients and law firms over the years I understand the importance of a HIPAA compliant cloud storage solution that is affordably priced. Losing data is absolutely not an option as that typically would mean lost billing. Data compromise is equally unacceptable […]

How Does IDrive Support Linux?

IDrive is one of our most highly recommended online backup services for most types of users and they are constantly improving their service. IDrive Now Supports Linux Data Just a few months ago IDrive upgraded their data infrastructure which now allows them to store Linux data. Does that mean they have a Linux application? Sadly, […]

IDrive Online Backup Has Impressive Speed

IDrive Online Backup is a really nice solution for both individual computers and for small business online backup, such as with a Microsoft Small Business Server that you want to backup (including Exchange, SQL Server and Sharepoint). I installed IDrive with a free 5GB account on one computer that had about 1.5 GB of data […]