Stash Now Available For Mozy Pro!

Get 5GB Extra Storage For Trying Mozy Stash Beta


Get 5GB Free As A Bonus

You know the routine: email files to yourself at home to work there, get home and find out the files were too big and the email bounced.

Or put files on a USB stick and then wonder where you put it. Now you don’t have the files and wonder who does have your files!

Mozy Stash has been a great hit for Mozy Home users, now Mozy Pro is offering Stash in a beta release.

Add Mozy Stash to your Mozy Pro account and get 5GB extra storage free.

This is on top of having one of the premier online backup services protecting not just your files but your business too. After all, for most of us, if we lost our data we would lose most or all of our business.

Why use Stash Beta for MozyPro?

  • Access to your data – from anywhere, at any time – via our mobile apps for Anroid or iOS devices.
  • Protect and sync more than one folder.
  • One completely seamless client to protect Servers and Sync.
  • Free yourself from having to email files to yourself or use a USB to transport large files.
  • MozyPro beta participants will receive 5GB of extra storage for their account at no cost.
  • Admin controls allow the account admin to select storage and access privileges.

Don’t have a Mozy Pro account?

Sign up right now and get started protecting your data and get Stash to boot!