Zoolz Home Offers Free 100GB Cloud Storage

Zoolz Cold Storage New Approach To Cloud Backup


Zoolz Offering 100GB Cloud Storage Free

We know that everyone wants free cloud storage and we actively promote the larger free accounts offered by companies like IDrive (5GB Free, more with referrals) because of that. Now Zoolz home cloud backup is offering a free 100GB account to the first 1 million users!

Because of this magnanimous offer, there is a waiting list while they get you setup, but it’s free, so what do you expect?

(Zoolz uses Amazon AWS as the backend server cloud storage with geo-redundancy so that’s TOP quality you are getting.)

The unique thing about Zoolz, which offers both home and business cloud backup plans, is the cold storage concept. With cold storage, you can upload your files no problem, but to download them there is a few hour delay.

Weird, right?

But if that reduces the cost for acquiring large cloud storage accounts, it’s worth it.

We will be evaluating Zoolz and Zoolz Business soon and hope to have our complete Zoolz Review up shortly.

One Ideal Application For Cold Storage

When I first read about the new cold storage plan that is the basis of the free 100GB account there was one particular application that came to mind: video.

We have a few terabytes of family video that I have ripped from VHS and VHS-C tapes in addition to the mini-DV “footage”. There is no need to retrieve that data hopefully EVER, but if there is, a 3 hour wait should not pose any kind of problem. It’s going to take a long time to download anyway (even longer to upload, BTW), so it’s just not a concern.

Since many online backup pricing plans just do not accommodate that much data, even the unlimited ones sometimes “balk” at large files and terabytes of storage, this could be a unique “niche” of success for Zoolz.

From a business standpoint, the term cold storage is really applicable as I know of law firms that rent self storage units to put boxes upon boxes of files they hope they will never have to wade through and retrieve anything out of; but they have to keep it “available” if necessary for a certain period of time.

Get in line for your free 100GB account at Zoolz Home

[Edit May 28, 2013] All the FREE 100 GB Zoolz accounts are gone, but if you click on the link above you can get 100GB for $20/year and that’s a pretty decent deal.