Carbonite Announces Price Increase and New Mobile Apps

As of April 18, 2011 the price of Carbonite Online Backup subscriptions is now increased by approximately 7%, but for NEW subscriptions only! The new pricing structure will be as follows:

  • 1 year plan $59
  • 2 year plan $109
  • 3 year plan $139

Again, this price increase is for new Carbonite subscriptions only and will not impact renewals from existing customers.

Over the past year, Carbonite has put a lot of effort into enhancing the Carbonite online backup experience. They have released Carbonite 4.0 for Windows, featuring an enhanced Restore Manager and have introduced powerful new features in our Anytime, Anywhere Access lineup.

In addition to upgrading existing BlackBerry® and iPhone® apps, Carbonite now offer free apps for the iPad® and Android™ devices.

All of the mobile apps not only allow customers to access their backed up files and share them through email with a simple click, they also allow Carbonite customers to listen to their backed up music and view their pictures as thumbnails in gallery mode.

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