IDrive Express: Hard Drive Upload/Restore – Included For Free!

No Hassle, Super Fast, Initial Upload or Restore


Fast, No Hassle, Initial Upload To Cloud Storage

The purpose of IDrive Express is to eliminate one of the biggest hassles of starting a cloud storage account: the initial upload of data over the internet, which even for an individual can top 100GB of information.

IDrive Express covers you or your business up to 1TB (Terabyte, 1000 Gigabytes)!

This initial upload, before IDrive Express, can take forever, killing your internet speed until it finally finishes.

Of course during that time, any files yet to be uploaded aren’t protected!

Then, the program has to go about making changes to files that have accumulated (unless it’s really intelligent and manages that during the big upload) – that can take more time and bandwidth.

Using A Hard Drive For Initial Upload

Some companies have offered an express upload/restore via hard drive feature for some time, but they charge sometimes several hundred dollars for it and often did not include a hard drive big enough (you have to use theirs) to cover all of your data – especially in the case of a business.

IDrive Express is free, once per year (either upload or restore) for an IDrive Pro account. Business accounts it’s 3 free transfers per year. Any additional transfers are just $59.95. This includes free return shipping.

How Does IDrive Express Work?

Performing an initial backup using IDrive Express is a simple 4 step process and can usually be completed in one week, and none of your internet bandwidth is consumed.

  1. Request a drive from IDrive
  2. Install the IDrive Express Application on your computer (Windows & Mac supported)
  3. Backup your data to the hard drive using the IDrive Express Application (Don’t worry, it’s encrypted)
  4. Return the drive to IDrive

IDrive does the rest, securely storing your data in the cloud!

Should you need to restore your data in a hurry after a disaster has struck, simply request the drive – with your encrypted data – and restore to your computer with the IDrive Express Application that you can download quickly off the web.

Will IDrive Express Backup Mapped Drives and External Drives?


Two of the features that initially attracted us to IDrive a long time ago was it’s ability to backup your external drives AND mapped drives to the cloud.

This feature set is represented in the IDrive Express application as well.

Is IDrive Express Available Everywhere?

Unfortunately, IDrive Express is currently only available in the U.S.

Don’t Have An IDrive Account?

There’s no better time to get a free IDrive 5GB account and start trying out their service. The 5GB free account lasts for LIFE, it’s not a limited time trial. IDrive Express is only available, though, if you upgrade to a paid Pro or business account – but IDrive is VERY affordable.

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