IDrive Snags Prestigious Editors Choice Award

New IDrive Cloud Storage Improvements Recognized


IDrive Recogized As Top Choice

IDrive has been constantly improving their online backup service and enhancing the usability of the mobile apps that go with it. Now their hard work is being recognized in the form of a PC Magazine Editor’s choice award and 4 star rating.

The reviewers found IDrive, especially on the tablet app, to be be simple, clean and easy to use.

One of my friends on Facebook just posted a quote the other day with the message the technology is best when you don’t recognize it – it just works.

Isn’t that what you want in a backup solution, for it just to work?

How many people go around saying they spent their morning “working on computer backup”? Who would want to spend time on that? You want your online backup or cloud storage provider to offer a service that installs easily, configures intuitively and then works silently in the background.

Then, should disaster strike, you want it to be simple, quick and efficient to get your data back and be up and running then.

IDrive has obviously succeeded at that, as acknowledged by not only PC Magazine but also USA Today.

Find out for yourself how simple, efficient and inexpensive an IDrive account is.

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