Updated IDrive Mobile App For iPhone & Android

One Touch Cloud Backup, Auto Camera Upload


IDrive Mobile App Updated

The new IDrive Online Backup One Touch backup and restore app makes it so easy, with just a single touch, to store all of your mobile data in your IDrive account in IDrive’s secure cloud.

For smartphone users, IDrive has made it as easy as it can possibly get for you to quickly and securely backup and restore your mobile data.

With just one touch, all your photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events are backed up without interrupting the use of your phone for other purposes.

While this works on iPhone and Android, Android backup also works for call logs, apps, SD cards, and SMS messages.

Auto Camera Upload

Turn on the the Auto Camera Upload feature and any pictures or videos you take with your smartphone will be automatically, seemlessly uploaded to your IDrive cloud.

The only disadvantage here is that with videos and data plans there could be a conflict. Would be nice to have a WiFi only option on videos; I’ll look into it.

Backup Your SmartPhone Data

Like other IDrive applications, the IDrive mobile app allows you to select what data you want backed up and what you don’t; you’re still in control.

We are excited about the new IDrive mobile app primarily because of its cross-platform and cross-device capabilities. These new features make IDrive the only cloud storage provider that allows you to backup your contacts and photos on one platform, such as your iPhone, and be able to restore them to your Android tablet (or vice versa).

You don’t have to be part of the iPhone vs Android “war” anymore!

Learn more about IDrive and the new One Touch mobile app.

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