Mozy’s New Sync Feature Stash Launches In Public Beta


Mozy Offers Sync Feature Called "Stash"


Stash Is New Sync Feature From Mozy

We recently announced that MozyHome users can access this new file sync feature for free! So far we have received great reviews from analysts and the press, which we are very excited about.

Your MozyHome account can take advantage of Stash today. Simply log into your account, click the “Stash Beta” link on the left, follow the prompts, and you’re on your way.

What Is Mozy Stash?

Mozy Stash is a file synchronization feature that complements Mozy online backup and provides Mozy users a simple way to keep their most active data up to date across multiple computers.

It’s also a dedicated space online, so as soon as you place a file in your local Stash folder, it quickly becomes available online as well. No need to wait for a backup or hit an upload button. Start a spreadsheet at work, hit save, and continue working on it at home without needing to transfer the file.

What Do I Get With Mozy Stash?

File Sync

Stash keeps files up to date on every computer you link to your Stash. No more emailing files to yourself. No more USB flash drives. Local versions of your files are copied to each computer that has Mozy Stash installed, in addition to being kept safe and secure online.

Access Anywhere

Even when you’re away from your computer, you still have your Stash. Access it anywhere through Mozy’s app for iOS and Android. You can even access your Stash from a friend’s or colleague’s computer right through the browser.

Instant Upload

Add or update a file in your computer’s Stash folder and it’s automatically updated online as well. It’s automagic!

Peace of mind

And because we’re Mozy, Stash works hand in hand with our online backup. So if you forget to put a file into your Stash folder, no worries! Your next Mozy backup will grab that file and you’ll still have access to it online or via your mobile device.

Any user who signs up for a MozyHome account before April 15th will have access to this feature free of charge. Please note that Stash is not available for those with a MozyHome Unlimited account.

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