SpiderOak Starting Up With Windows – When It Shouldn’t

SpiderOak First Impressions Continued


And, What Good Is The Checkbox?

While we are waiting for SpiderOak Support to get back to us on the saga of the sluggishness we unchecked the box for SpiderOak to startup with the OS (Windows). But during the process of our SSD firmware upgrade on this PC we had the occasion to reboot several times.

Each time, SpiderOak not only started (as evidenced by the icon in the system tray) but also opened the program window for us. So we sent this screenshot to support this morning and will report back when we have an answer.

I do know that the 64bit version of SpiderOak is pretty new (v5.0.1) but this is what beta testers are for. Based on what we have been experiencing lately, though, with all of our online backup reviews, we are wondering if any of these companies use beta testers anymore (they are typically unpaid, BTW).

[Update] SpiderOak support seems to think it’s related to the OS integration feature and suggested turning that off. At the same time, he expects a fix in v5.0.2 available imminently.

We like the reputation and feature set of SpiderOak, so if you want to get started with a free-forever 2GB account, here’s the link

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