Zoolz Business Cloud Backup And Cold Storage Debut

Zoolz Is Unique New Business Cloud Backup Service


Zoolz Business Cloud Backup Open For Business

Zoolz Business cloud backup and storage is ready to roll and we are working on our Zoolz Review so you know exactly what they do and don’t offer and at what cost.

While we still have a lot to do, it’s looking pretty good so far.

Zoolz Business used Amazon AWS servers for the actual storage of your data in the cloud and there is nothing wrong with that.

Apparently, Zoolz, with their “cold storage” is the first cloud backup company to leverage Amazon’s Glacier storage service whereby your files are accessible via preview but actually take 3 – 5 hours before ready for restore, notification by email. Sounds like a good idea for all kinds of data and if a delay reduces storage cost then we are all for it.

Naturally, the data you need back right away you simply do not designate as cold storage and it is available to be restored when you need it.

How Does Zoolz Business Distinguish Themselves?

We have to say, there seems to be a new cloud backup vendor announcing themselves about every other week. And often they contact us wanting us to write about their service and promote it (for free, of course).

Zoolz Business does seem to be more than just another group of programmers who got together to outsource a server farm and white label a cloud backup service with a new website.

Instead, we are seeing something unique in the “cold storage” option and a rather COMPLETE package when it comes to features and benefits for the business customer.

Zoolz Excels In Security

One area we have already seen Zoolz Business shine a little brighter is in the area of security. Instead of making us dig for details on how your data is protected before it gets stuffed in some cloud somewhere they actually brag about how your data is protected with multiple layers of encryption.

And for once they don’t insist or even suggest you use the same password that you login to their service with as the password to decrypt your data.

Versioning Your Backups

While most of the big name cloud backup services will offer you a certain number of versions of your files or keep so many days worth of backups, Zoolz Business actually allows YOU to configure what you would like to keep and for how long. And this is customizable via policies that you can set and apply to users or servers; quite unique.

In addition, deleted files are kept forever.

Compare Zoolz Business to Major Brands

Zoolz compares on a feature for feature basis very favorably with recognized leaders in cloud business backup like Mozy Pro and Carbonite Business.

Pricing with Zoolz is not only competitive but thanks to cold storage and “pay as you go”, somewhat customizable too.

We will continue to work on our complete Zoolz review but in the meantime you may want to check out a 14 day free trial of Zoolz Business cloud backup and storage service.

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